Curriculum Vitae
Dr Paul A Daniels PhD BSc FRAS

10th May 2011




Windows XP (Home & Professional), 2000 (Professional & Server), NT 4 Workstation & Internet Explorer 8.


Microsoft Access (all versions, both MDB and ADP), Microsoft Office 2003, 2000, 97 and earlier, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 7 & MSDE, Enterprise Manager, MySQL, Apache, Enterprise Architect, WeBuilder 2010, Visual Studio.NET 2005 and Visual Studio 6.


ADO, SQLDMO, mysqli, OpenGL, Managed DirectX


VBA/VB 6 (100%), T-SQL (80%), XHTML/CSS (90%), ASP (80%), PHP (80%), JavaScript (80%), C# (60%)



Windows 3.1, 95, 98 & Me, MS-DOS/PC-DOS and NEXOS LAN

Various DEC VAX & Alphas (VMS), Prime (PRIMOS 22.3), HP 1000-F series (RTE VI), LSI 11/23 (RT11SJ), ICL 1906 (GEORGE IV), ICL PERQ (PNX (Unix)), FPS 164 & 264 (SJE & APEX64), FPS 5000 series (APEX38), ICL Quattro (CCP/M), Apple Macintosh


Microsoft Project 2000 & FrontPage 2000.

WordPerfect 5.2 and 6.1 for Windows and WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS, DataEase 4.2

C/C++ 7, Quick C, Prof. BASIC 7 & CodeView, Lattice C, JPI TopSpeed Modula-2 & C++

Research Systems IDL,  ARTEMIS 2000Macintosh: Excel, MacWrite, MacDraw, MacDraft & MicroPlanner Plus

(Skill %)

C++ (35%), C (35%), FORTRAN (30%), Java/J++ (20%), Pascal (20%), Modula-2 (10%), Perl (10%), RTL/2 (5%), 80x86 Assembler (5%), Occam 2 (5%), Ada (5%), Other BASICs



European Trade & Exhibition Services Ltd (ETES)
Staines, Middlesex
August 2007 to End of March 2008
& October 2008 to present.


ETES organise several UK & Ireland regional engineering and electronics exhibitions during the year and a smaller number of craft shows.

I maintain and upgrade the Access and SQL Server corporate databases both of which use SQL queries/views and, in the case of SQL Server, T-SQL Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions. Extensive use is made of VBA in the Access databases for both data manipulation in those databases and also for interaction with the SQL Server databases. I am also developing new and extending existing Access software tools for generation of data lists and management reports according to specified criteria. Some management reports are in the form of Excel worksheets and use Excel VBA for the analysis.

I add new features to the ASP-based corporate web-site, design and insert new web content and also design and create marketing HTML emails; some of these contain forms to return automatically information to ETES' database.

I provide documented advice on steps to be taken to improve the company's IT infrastructure and procedures and liaise with an external public-relations consultant on ways that the web-site may be developed.

I provide general IT administrative support by, for example, creating database queries to support mail-merge mailings and have carried out basic administration of their corporate server.

It is fully understood and agreed by ETES that my work for them will default to evenings and weekends on gaining a full-time contract. At present it seems likely there will be little work from them until December 2011.

Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVCI)
Central London
Start of June 2010 to End of July 2010

I designed and developed a fully flexible Excel-based analysis & reporting application to allow users to 'drilldown' into tables of data. This required development of a wholly new recursive algorithm making extensive use of complex VBA for generating the subtotalled data (to supercede the limited outlining facility provided by Microsoft) which was then automatically grouped, outlined and formatted in a user-configurable fashion to produce the final Excel report.

External data sources could be other Excel workbooks or Access or SQL Server database tables with the data being retrieved via a user-configurable ODBC connection and SQL string.

The application had a facility for right-clicking on the output report's data items and, depending on the item selected in the customised Excel pop-up context menu, allowed drilling further down to other sources of related data.

The application required the development of several complex, VBA-driven Excel forms to aid the user in defining the configuration of the application and made significant use of ActiveX controls.

The development required presentations to the end-user and user documentation was provided.

Guildford Astronomical Society

I have been a member of GAS for several years and serve on the committee as their webmaster. This has involved the transfer of a website and domain from one host server to another, the introduction of a bulletin board, members' webmail accounts and setting up individual logins for members to allow access to information from the GAS website. There is also ongoing maintainence and development of the website and bulletin board and the creation of online AJAX-based utilites such as a booking form for the society's observatory and a registration form for allowing invited guests to access the website and make use of the bulletin board.

Development is for an Apache environment using a combination of XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Perl and MySQL databases.

Porton Down, Wiltshire
July 2004 to April 2007

I was responsible for the continued design and development of a large CBRN Agent Microsoft Access Database Project linked to a SQL Server 2000 data source with significant use of VBA and T-SQL.

I also designed and implemented a SQL Server database application using an Access 2003 ADP client and multiple databases for use in a secure environment.

Also fully responsible for the design and implementation of three other medium-sized Access Database Projects (two linked to MSDE) and another smaller Access-only database.

I have some recent experience in development of a MySQL database application with a web-based client hosted on Apache employing PHP server-side scripting and some JavaScript client-side scripting.

National Air Traffic Services Ltd (NATS)
Swanwick, Hampshire
March 2004 to July 2004

I supported the upgrade of the large number of Access 2, 95 and 97 databases to Access 2003 across several NATS sites and designed a utility to scan and analyse Access databases to help anticipate potential upgrade problems.

ODPM/DfT, Internal Audit Service
Ashdown House, Victoria Street, London
April 2002 to December 2003
Maintenance Contract

I supported a secure, multi-user Access 97 audit tracking database. It augments proprietary SQL Server-based timesheet software (data structure reverse-engineered) to produce key performance indicators. I designed and created Queries, Forms, Reports and extensive VBA code.>

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM)
Eland House, Bressenden Place, London
November 2001 to September 2002

I worked on an existing secure, multi-user Access 97 application used in the Government Offices around the UK to help manage the processing of planning casework. Ultimately it became a secure replicated database. Extensive use of Queries, Forms, Reports and VBA including use of Form and VBA library modules and use of Windows API routines. A more sophisticated Access 2000 version was developed that included, for example, a configurable reporting system.

Sherwood Street, London
April 2001 to June 2001

Sportisan provide a common web service to subscribing cricket clubs. I worked on the initial import of club details and began the development of an Access 2000 tool to help with the entry of historical information.

Department of the Environment, Transport & Regions (DETR)
Eland House, Bressenden Place, London
March 2001 to April 2001

In this full-cycle project I developed a multi-user Access 97 application to track the progress of web-site publishing work for the Electronic Publishing Unit in the Division of Communication. The application included several Forms, Queries and several management Reports and made heavy use of VBA including Windows API routines. The user did not want full Access security and so a bespoke logon based on Windows NT usernames was implemented. Full user and detailed system documentation and user training provided.

The Public Records Office
Ruskin Avenue, Kew
January 2001 to February 2001

I designed and implemented an end-user Access 2000 application to store and analyse information imported from Excel 2000 spreadsheet forms. The Access application directly opened the Excel spreadsheet store and extracted the information using VBA.

Department of the Environment, Transport & Regions (DETR)
Ashdown House, Victoria Street, London
November 2000 to January 2001

I designed and developed a secure, multi-department, multi-user Access 97 application for the MACC2 project which registers publicly declared 'green' commitments by companies and others and then monitors their progress towards their declared targets. This application developed as a secure, replicated application making use of Access Form, Report, VBA libraries and Windows API routines.

Deutsche Bank
Appold Street, London
September 2000 to November 2000

I developed a small Access 97 database application as part of a team working on the NYSE Listing Project. Database documented where required. The principal output from the database was a multi-sheet Excel spreadsheet with an index/summary sheet.

Farnborough, Hampshire,
Portsdown West, Hampshire and
Winfrith Technology Centre, Dorset
December 1998 to December 1999
& April 2000 to August 2000


I was solely responsible for the design and development of a secure, replicated, front-end/back-end and multi-user Access 97 management tool for DERA (CDA) that allows staff to enter estimates of their future likely commitment to various projects. I provided the application with both a detailed and context-sensitive Help file and comprehensive user and system documentation.

EuroLAN Research Ltd
Ascot, Berkshire and
Poole, Dorset
July 1998 to present

I provide support to EuroLAN's secure, run-time Access 2000 database distributed quarterly on CD-ROM to subscribers. I converted the database from Access 2 to Access 97 and, recently, to Access 2000.

Ericsson OMC Ltd
Basingstoke, Hampshire
June 1998 to June 1999

Working closely with the Technical Manager I developed a secure prototype Access 97 staff appraisal evaluation tool. This application made use of several Forms to capture input, Queries, management Reports and extensive VBA to perform bespoke staff appraisal scoring. Following a successful trial of this prototype I converted the tool to a final, secure and robust application.

The National Grid Company plc
Wokingham, Berkshire
January 1997 to August 1998

I was part of the GOAL project team developing software to cost-optimise the scheduling of generators. The project used DEC Alphas and FORTRAN. I was also responsible for the development of a secure Access 2 database tool and provided user training and user and system documentation.

North Ascot, Berkshire
March 1997 to present

I provide PC consultancy services to Aquaflow and have developed an Access 95 contact database with automated mail-merge links to Word for the production of mailshot letters.

Docklands, London
August 1996 to December 1996

I was responsible for creating an Access 2 module to validate some of Texaco's gas billing records. The work relied heavily on the use of VBA and used ODBC connections to a separately maintained back-end Oracle database.

Berkeley Credit
Croydon, Surrey
April 1996 to December 1998

I was involved in the development of an Access 95 database application to provide a tool to match the most appropriate loan to an applicant's personal circumstances.

Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
Staines, Middlesex
December 1995 to August 1996

I worked on an Electronic Territory Management System (ETMS). The system made extensive use of Access 2, SQL, VBA and complex Access reports using dynamically created SQL queries.

Whitbread plc, ISG
Luton, Bedfordshire
July 1995 to November 1995

I worked on several projects including: a demonstration Access 2 application to simulate the tele-sales order-capture process, an Access 2 mailing labels application (distributed using the Access Development Toolkit), a proposal for a conference-room management application to be written in Access, investigation and recommendations on both alternative credit-card authorisation systems and alternative remotely distributed sales-management systems.

Glaxo Wellcome Group Research
Ware, Hertfordshire
April 1995 to July 1995

I developed software in VAX C to merge the Glaxo and Wellcome email directories following their merger.

Newman & Spurr Limited
September 1994 to October 1994

I developed an Excel 5 Visual Basic application to process automatically pre-formatted source files into a series of worksheets showing the data in a combined tabular and user-configurable graphical form.

Exchange Clearing House (ECHO)
Docklands, London
May 1994 to January 1995

I was involved in two Access 2 projects for (a) determination of the volatility of Foreign Exchange and Money Market rates for use in exposure and risk assessment and (b) a system to administer the cases where payments have not been made on-time or where a customer has defaulted.

Marconi Speech and Information Systems
February 1994 to April 1994

I was involved with an embedded application that converts digital reports of weather and other airport runway conditions into high-quality spoken words for broadcast to approaching or departing aircraft.

Glaxo Group Research Limited
Greenford, Middlesex
February 1992 to January 1994

I helped maintain, develop and provide training and additional documentation for the principal in-house clinical trials database system (PRIME & FORTRAN) during it's final year. I also developed an Access 1 (later 1.1) database application to handle the barcode-based tracking of blood and urine samples from medical study volunteers.

National Small-bore Rifle Association
Bisley Camp, Bisley, Surrey
January 1991 to April 1991

I returned to the NSRA (see below) to re-implement the database applications for DataEase 4.0 on standalone PS/2s as multi-user DataEase 4.2 applications on a NEXOS LAN with PS/2s as workstations.

British Aerospace
August 1990 to December 1990

I modified the High-level Software Requirement Specification and wrote module-level Software Requirement Specifications for the Swingfire Missile Automatic Tracker Improvement Programme. The project employed custom ASICs, Transputers, Occam and Image Processing.

National Small-bore Rifle Association
Bisley Camp, Bisley, Surrey
June 1990 to August 1990

I developed a DataEase 4.0 application to collate and print League tables after each round of shooting, investigated approaches to automated target scoring (eg. barcodes), proposed a scheme for barcoding of their shop outlet and reorganised their memberships database.

Space Technology Systems
Alton, Hampshire
May 1990 to June 1990

I worked on a PC Modula-2 application (transcribed from HP-BASIC) to received, analyse and archive MetOcean data (ie. Wave heights, Wind Speeds and Directions etc.). This software also had to be capable of retrieving archived data and graphically presenting the information both on-screen and on a colour printer.

Optimis Limited
Wooton Bassett, Wiltshire
February 1990 to May 1990

I worked on a Microsoft Professional BASIC 7 application to extract the parameters of failure curves from an oil company's North Sea Platform failure and maintenance information. These parameters were then analysed by Optimis' MainOpt package which applied failure/maintenance costs and performed cost optimisation.

Fleet, Hampshire
September 1989 to January 1990

I worked on some of the system control software for the Control Room Operating System (CROS) of the Eastern Electricity Board. This software was mostly written in VAX Pascal. Following the implementation of this part of the project I designed part of a graphics-based database management utility.

IGG Systems Limited
November 1988 to July 1989

IGG manufactured large matrix display signs. Acting software team leader. Involved in two major contracts one in the UK (an advertising application with datatext broadcast) another with a company in the US (large racetrack tote-board application). Involved in direct customer contact in both UK and US. Represented IGG in the US on 4 occasions; unaccompanied on two visits. Some programming in the C language but mostly in IGG's proprietary multitasking, graphics-oriented Elite BASIC. Large quantity of documentation completed.

ICL Defence Systems
September 1986 to October 1988

Development Consultant. Developed an image processing application using Lattice C for an IBM PC with a PC-Vision framestore. Programmed the DAP array processor's Fast I/O interface to a video display board. Prepared 'Technology Survey' report and Talisman surface-ship anti-torpedo defence system feasibility study report. Risk assessment and project planning during proposal phase of SIPS MkII (for the RN Hydrographic dept). Project planning for the proposal and study phases of PINDAR.

Floating Point Systems (UK) Limited
November 1984 to August 1986

Technical Support Analyst in both pre- and post-sales support roles. FPS manufactured array processors for compute-intensive applications. Application experience includes Seismic/Signal/Image Processing, Simulation, Real-time analysis, Oil Reservoir simulation, Structure analysis, Graphics etc. VAX 11/780 system manager for over 8 months.

October 1982 to October 1984

Research Associate in the Machine Vision lab. Investigated industrial applications of image processing. Involved in a project with AERE Harwell. Taught image processing and Pascal at MSc level.

Max-Planck Institut für Physik und Astrophysik
Garching (near Munich)
October 1981 to September 1982

Post-doctoral research writing image processing software for the X-ray astronomy satellites EXOSAT and ROSAT.

Positions Sought

Systems design/analysis, Programming, Team-leader, Project planning, small-project Project Manager. I enjoy working with people.

I have a couple of contracts experience working in the financial sector and would be glad to extend that experience. I would be prepared to consider working at a reduced rate for a couple of probationary months.

UK contract locations should ideally be West of the M25 (within about one hour/50 miles of Farnborough/Aldershot, Surrey) or in Central London.





Dartmouth High School,

September 1968 to
July 1974.

4 A-levels, 8 O-levels, 1 CSE and Test in English

Wadham College,
Oxford University.

October 1974 to
June 1975.

1st Public Examination (Pass)

Queen Mary College,
London University.

October 1975 to
June 1978.

BSc (Hons) Astrophysics (2I)

Sheffield University,

October 1978 to
September 1981.

PhD, "Particle accretion and the size distribution and evolution of cometary nuclei".





Divorced (October 1991).
2 sons, Adam & Gareth, now aged 27 & 26 respectively.

Married (May 1996) to Patricia (Trish)


22nd September 1955


Copthorne, 37 Bramble Bank, Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 6PN


+44 (0)1276 684218 (Home)   &   +44 (0)7802 324697 (Mobile)


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